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Professional senior care
in Central Europe.

Welcome to your new home.

Matra Resort offers professional and personalized senior care services in Hungary. At a unique location in Central Europe this next generation retirement home provides harmonious environment where highest standards of best Western European senior care services perfectly unite with hectares of untouched nature. Whether you look for a convenient second home for independent living, a reliable retirement home for assisted living, a nursing home or even a well-equipped European hospice you’ll surely find it in Matra Resort.

Natural environment

Matra Resort is located in Parádsasvár, one of the most charming villages of the Hungarian countryside. The facility is surrounded by beautiful, ancient forests, creeks and giant maple trees which all make it an absolutely unique location in the Matra area. The villas of Matra Resort are situated among the lovely houses of the village and embraced by green and birdsong all year. Thanks to its’ natural environment homeowners can enjoy fresh air, relaxing atmosphere and breathtaking view whenever going for a walk or simply taking a look around in Matra Resort.


In our innovative senior village concept, our mission is to provide more than 60 years old people with a high-quality serviced home complex where they can live a truly independent and dignified life. Matra Resort was founded by local aging experts with an aim to create a retirement community without the depressing atmosphere of overcrowded retirement homes. Besides its’ beautiful natural environment, Matra Resort offers 24/7 medical availability, personalized elderly care services in addition to a range of free-time and recreation options nearby.

Outstanding quality,
reasonable prices

Matra Resort is designed for those who demand quality. Driven by human-centered philosophy and a detail-focused mindset the facility provides a first class retirement home for one half of the International prices. When considering relocation you don’t need to worry about changing your lifestyle or level of living. We created both the facilities and the services portfolio of Matra Resort to fit your needs and bring you exceptional value for money.

Get to know

When choosing Heves County, Hungary as your destination you also choose to connect with an incredibly rich historical and cultural heritage. Matra Resort is located only 100 km away from Hungary’s beautiful and historical capital, Budapest. The International Airport of Budapest can be also reached easily within a 90 minutes drive from Matra Resort. Whether you look for high-quality medical treatment, unique thermal baths, entertainment or a place to invest, Hungary welcomes you with countless opportunities.

About Parádsasvár

Parádsasvár is one of Hungary’s most unique, historical municipalities attracting thousands of visitors, year by year. Besides the neighboring highlands and beautiful forests of Matra Hills Parádsasvár is also famous of its amazing centuries-old castle hotel.

While walking on the hiking trails of the surrounding forests you can see one of the oldest plants of the European continent: the ancient maple tree.

Its’ gorgeous, thick trunk and lightsome green leaves symbolize the beauty and permanence of life.

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Matra Resorts

Matra Resorts consists of three modern, spacious villas with a total of 150 newly built apartment units in addition to common areas. Our three villas – Villa Crystal and Villa Deco and Villa Aura – are constructed according to different design concepts.

4in1 senior package care

Independent living

Independent living facilities are designed exclusively for seniors aged 60 and over, who need minor assistance for daily living and want to live an active social life. We are offering and maintaining compact and easy to navigate living areas. Medical care and nursing are not included in these plans.
Available from: Spring 2022

Assisted living

Assisted living is a residential option for seniors who need support for essential daily activities. Assistance staff is minutes away and is ready to help you 0-24. This living model is designed by putting privacy and independence also in perspective.
Available from: Spring 2022

Nursing home

Nursing homes provide complete life assistance including getting out of bed, feeding, bathing or dressing. The level of medical care is very significant, a skilled nursing team is available 24 hours a day. Recommended for persons whose medical and personal care became too great to handle in home environment.
Available from: Autumn 2023


Hospice service is the highest level of medical assistance we can provide by our professionals, offering a friendlier environment than general hospitals.
Available from: Under planning

Villa Deco

The structure of the building was built in the 1920’s however all 41 apartments in Villa Deco offers modern interior design. Many elements of Villa Deco refer to the 20th century’s celebrated styling trend: Art and Deco. For those who prefer classical architecture combined with modernity we definitely recommend to choose historical yet stylish Villa Deco.

Number of aparments: 42
Available from: Autumn 2022


Villa Aura

A wise French philosopher once said: “Back to the nature!” This was the main thought behind our concept of creating Villa Aura. Both the building and the elements of the interior design are in connection with the nature offering a harmonious environment to live and relax. You could hardly find something more relaxing and special than living your life in a place like this.

Number of aparments: 40
Available from: Autumn 2023